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tube ice machine
ice tube machine price
tube ice machine manufacturers
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Tube Ice Machine

The tube ice machine produces cylinder shape ice with a hole in the middle; it adopts a flooded evaporator model, which improves ice-making efficiency and capacity. Meanwhile, compact structure design can save installation space. Ice thickness and hollow part size can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Under the PLC program control system to work automatically, the machine has high capacity, low-power consumption, and minimal maintenance.

ICENICE Tube Ice Machine Features

1) The tube ice is thick and transparent.

2) Under the control of the PLC system, ice discharge automatically: hygienic and labor-saving.

3) Semi-automatic packaging: When you step on the pedal switch, the ice will come out by screw conveyor on the bottom of the ice storage bin, jump into the plastic bags directly. Then you can complete the packing process.




Ice Tube Size as Option:

Tube ice outer diameter is 16mm,22mm, 28mm, 34mm, 40mm;




Technical Parameter of Tube Ice Machine

ltem Capacity(tons/day) Refrigerant Compressor Brand Compressor(HP) Cooling Way Dimension(L*W*H, mm)
MFTIM1T 1 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcomp 4 Water/Air 1600*1350*2010
MFTIM3T 3 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcomp 14 Water/Air 1700*1400*2430
MFTIM5T 5 R22/R404A Bitzer/Refcomp 25 Water 1790*1080*2270
MFTIM10T 10 R22/R404A Bitzer/Bock/Refcomp 2*25 Water 2200*1900*2550
MFTIM20T 20 R22/R404A Bitzer/Bock 2*26 Water 4530*1800*3000
MFTIM30T 30 R22/R404A Bitzer/Bock 3*50 Water 2200*1900*6200
MFTIM50T 50 R22/R404A Bitzer/Bock/Hanbell 200 Water 2000*1800*6800



Advantages of the Tube Ice Machine


Equipped with PLC + Touch Screen Controlling System, which allows multiple functions such as automatic timer function for start and shut down; ice stopping production when the ice bins are full. All parameters can be easily set, all running history can be checked.


Best Part:

Adopts the world's famous brand components, which will guarantee the best refrigeration effect and working conditions.


Tube Ice Machine Installation Suggestion:

Air cooling type ice tube machine is all in one design, to avoid the heating effect, suggest you install it in a room with good ventilation. Only need you to connect the power and water.

For the water cooling type ice block machine, there is a cooling tower along with the ice machine, the cooling tower should be installed outdoor.

Water cooling type ice block machine with water cooling condenser design, the ice machine is for indoor installation,  The cooling tower should be installed outdoor and connected to the ice machine, the pump/pipe/valves will be provided by us.





Q1:Are you a manufacturer or trading company?

A: ICENICI is a professional Industrial Ice Machine Manufacturer.


Q2:What is the warranty for ice making machine?

A: 12 Months after the B/L date. Any failure occurred within this period due to our responsibility, we'll supply you the spare parts for free and permanent technical support &consultation all life long for ice-making machines. 


Q3: Can we get some samples?

A: Of course, we can supply samples, but the sample cost and postage charge are on the buyer's account.  


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